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Introducing the Farmer : The Trustworthy Choice for Chemical-Free, Residue-Free Fresh Vegetables

We are excited to announce that the Farmer brand, produced by Green Plus Agri Company Limited, is now available on Food Farm Hub. Experience the premium quality of their products today! Have them delivered straight to your restaurants or hotels.

The Farmer's Vegetables Are Treated With Ozone And Negative Ions, Ensuring They Are Free From Chemicals And Safe From Residues.

The Farmer products are selected from quality agricultural produce, sourced from farmers involved in the National Development Organic Agriculture Project (Kaset Star). The cultivation process utilizes King Nano microorganism, thus ensuring that our agricultural produce is safe. Additionally, vegetable and fruit products undergo cleaning processes using Ozone Technology and PCI Negative ION Technology.

Food Farm Hub and Farmer

They have developed the field of agriculture by integrating innovative technology, scientific research, and marketing to achieve significant progress, making agriculture adapt to the current era. Most importantly, it is their collective spirit and determination to work together to develop the nation with safe organic farming. This reduces costs for farmers, improves the quality and quantity of agricultural produce, and increases farmers' income. When agricultural produce reaches consumers, they receive high-quality, safe, and reasonably priced products.


  • Eliminate 99.99% of residual chemicals and toxins.

  • Eliminate disease-causing organisms and insects found in vegetables and fruits.

  • Extend storage life (Long Shelf Life) due to the revitalization of the cells in the vegetables and fruits.

  • Vegetables and fruits are fresh, clean, and ready-to-eat or use in cooking immediately.


  1. Products from farmers

  2. Sorting/Cutting

  3. Cleaning

  4. Cleaning with Ozone and Negative ION

  5. Packaging

  6. Direct delivery to customers



The Farmer products are provide safe and high-quality agricultural products. We incorporate integrated health care into every detail of the production process. We use environmentally friendly organic farming and cultivation methods, which maintain the natural balance of life in the soil and ecosystem. This is done to ensure that our products have high nutritional value and are free from chemicals that may have an impact on health.

Farmer Products:

  • Chemical-Free Vegetables

  • Chemical-Free Herbs

  • Chemical-Free Vegetable Salad

Please visit Farmer e-Store at


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