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Food Farm Hub Launches the Next Generation Cross-Border B2B Food and Agriculture Marketplace in Asia

Food Farm Hub Launches the Next Generation Cross-Border B2B Food and Agriculture Marketplace in Asia

Piraya Primkamol, Director and Co-founder of Food Farm Hub.

Food Farm Hub is proud to announce the launch of its next generation cross-border business-to-business (B2B) food and agriculture platform in Asia to facilitate efficient trade by connecting the diverse players within the eco-system.

The innovative platform provides companies worldwide a reliable marketplace with an extensive network of buyers, suppliers, farmers, distributors, retailers, traders, wholesalers and importers. Buyers around the world can now find the products they need, such as ingredients for food, cosmetics, or medicine, and products for resale, wholesale, OEM, and other uses. By eliminating the time-consuming process in searching for suitable partners and suppliers, companies can significantly reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Further, thanks to AsiaPay Group’s technology and payment solution, Food Farm Hub can provide a safe platform for buyers and suppliers to execute transactions.

Food Farm Hub is supported by AsiaPay Capital, a startup accelerator under AsiaPay Group. With over 20 years of expertise, in digital payment solution, e-business, and technology service for different businesses, and a strong presence with 16 operation locations in the Asia Pacific region, AsiaPay Group brings valuable insights, resources, and connections to the Food Farm Hub.

“We are committed to constructing a better food and agriculture system in which suppliers and buyers can interact directly. We empower businesses by delivering innovative solutions transforming how they market, sell, and operate while increasing efficiency!” said Piraya Primkamol, Director and Co-founder of Food Farm Hub.

“Food Farm Hub will be the next generation B2B Food and Agriculture platform for buyers around the world to source products ranging from local farmers to global manufacturers while also providing suppliers with a platform to showcase their best products with the tools they need to reach more markets and grow their businesses,” said Joseph Chan, CEO and Founder of AsiaPay Group.

“By leveraging the expertise and support of AsiaPay Group, Food Farm Hub can reach the technological advancements, regional development resources, and business networks to connect suppliers and buyers in the region faster and more efficiently,” he added.

About Food Farm Hub

Food Farm Hub is an online business-to-business (B2B) food and agricultural products marketplace. They provide buyers with a one-stop platform for sourcing verified suppliers of food and agricultural products while also assisting suppliers in expanding their business opportunities and international recognition.

Food Farm Hub is an online marketplace where farmers, food manufacturers, and suppliers can showcase their products and services to buyers worldwide. They empower suppliers to expand into new markets and develop business opportunities through innovative technology, digital marketing, channel development and sales, and online and offline marketing campaigns.

They are on a mission to empower the Food and Agriculture business to create a more efficient, sustainable, and secure global food and agriculture system.

Please visit their website below for more information on their services or to partner with them.

About AsiaPay Capital

AsiaPay Capital is an incubation program of AsiaPay Group.Aim to provide financial and operational resources, facilities, and client network to walk with digital service and solution startups to develop and grow your digital journey in Asia.

Being a capital supporting arm of a regional digital payment service and technology provider established in past decades, startups can ride on AsiaPay’s long-lasting position, the broad operation and network in Asia, for faster innovative adoption in the ecosystem.

Investees can readily enjoy a faster and safer market penetration track in Asia from PoC, business validation, growth acceleration to access of border base of capital.

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Business: Food Farm Hub Company Limited

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