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CENTURY INDUSTRIES, The Highest Quality Thai Rice From Every Part of Thailand

CENTURY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. new premium supplier is launch at Food Farm Hub platform.

CENTURY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. 世紀實業有限公司, was established 1999 by over 20 years experienced in rice exporter field, our chairman Mr.Sumeth Panjavongroj and managed by him since then. He was graduated from U.S.A., Master Degree in Engineering. Our main business is exporting rice to other countries. Only a few years our business was extremely growth in Asia, Canada, Europe and U.S.A market. Our office is located in Surawong, the Center of Business Area in Bangkok and our factory is located in Chachoengsao, the most convenient access to main port of Thailand, Leamchabang and Bangkok.

  • We selected the most hight quality Thai Rice from every parts of Thailand.

  • Thai Jasmine rice was growth in North Eastern.

  • Glutinous Rice Grown in Northern and North Eastern.

  • White Rice and Pathumthani Fragrant Rice which grown in middle part or Thailand.

Thai rice


  • Premium Young Elephant Thai Hom Mali

  • Young Elephant Thai Long Grain White Rice

  • Brown Hom Mali Jasmine Rice

  • Pathumthani Fragrant Rice

  • White Glutinous Rice

  • Black Glutinous Rice

  • Broken Jasmine Rice

  • Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice

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