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Sapsira Intertrade recently visited the Food Farm Hub's new office in Silom, Bangkok and introduce a new product "Pandan Leaves" for listing on the platform

Food Farm Hub x Sapsira Intertrade

Food Farm Hub Premium supplier, Sapsira Intertrade Company Limited, fruit exporter, recently visited our Food Farm Hub team at our new office in Skulthai Surawong Tower, Silom, Bangkok. They updated us on their exciting new product "Pandan Leaves" following the successful fruit exporter of aromatic coconut and yellow mango to China and the USA.

Food Farm Hub x Sapsira Intertrade

This visit marked the beginning of a promising partnership between our two companies, as we work together to introduce this unique and versatile ingredient to different markets around the world.

We are confident that with Sapsira Intertrade's expertise in fruit exporting and Food Farm Hub's dedication to quality and innovation, Pandan Leaves will achieve great success.

Pandan Leaves is not just a flavor enhancer, but also a symbol of the rich and diverse culture of Southeast Asia. As a company that takes pride in promoting local ingredients and supporting sustainable farming practices, we are delighted to share this traditional ingredient with people all over the world.

Our partnership with Sapsira Intertrade, fruit exporter is just one example of how we strive to collaborate with like-minded companies to seek new and innovative ways to bring unique and high-quality food and agriculture products to the global market, while also supporting local farmers and communities.

Please visit Sapsira Intertrade at l Cross-border B2B Food & Agriculture Marketplace


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