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Introduce Sapsira Intertrade: Aromatic Coconut, Yellow mango, Pineapple, and more Fresh Fruits Provider from Thailand

Sapsira Intertrade, a leading distributor of aromatic coconut, yellow mango, pineapple, durian, and more is now available at Food Farm Hub. Experience high-quality fresh fruits from Thailand!

They export the essence of Thailand's finest aromatic coconut, yellow mango, pineapple, durian, and more to delight your palate and enrich your culinary experience.

Sapsira Intertrade

Fresh Fruits Exporter and Wholesale

They take pride in exporting premium aromatic coconut, yellow mango, pineapple, durian, and more that are internationally recognized for their high quality and exceptional taste. Commitment to you, hand-picking the finest fresh fruits from local farmers to guarantee an exceptional fruit experience. Indulge in the freshness and safety of Thai fruits.

They didn't just fruit selection the usual favorites. Sapsira Intertrade understands that market demands often require customization, so they also offer specialized customization of aromatic coconut shapes such as shell-less coconuts, diamond shapes, polish shapes, and uniquely shaped coconuts, ready to eat pineapple, ready to eat durian that are a breeze to resell.

Why Choose Us

Experience exceptional quality:

Delight in their meticulously selected fruits, handpicked at peak ripeness for unmatched flavor.

Genuine Taste:

Experience the authentic flavors of fresh fruits from Thailand, brought straight to your restaurant, supermarket, and more.

Ethical Sourcing:

Rest easy knowing our commitment to eco-friendly and ethical agricultural practices, ensuring a sustainable future for our planet.

Sapsira Intertrade Product:

  • Aromatic Coconut

  • Yellow mango

  • Durian

  • Mangosteen

  • Passion fruit

  • Dragon fruit

  • Pineapple

young coconut

Experience the exquisite flavors of Thai aromatic coconut water and meat. Indulge in their delightful sweetness and enticing aroma, while also benefiting from their exceptional nutritional value. 

Aromatic coconut, the versatile fruit, spans a diverse range of culinary applications enjoyed worldwide. From the creamy base of exotic smoothies and rich curries to delightfully sweet baked goods and curry steamed dishes, the coconut adds a unique flavor profile that transcends borders. Its dried form also offers a delightful crunch and taste that enhances numerous recipes. Explore the global kitchen with coconut as your staple ingredient.

Rich sweet taste and addictive sweet aroma. Smooth and soft texture Contains many vitamins and minerals and has antioxidants. These mangoes are popular in sweet dishes among locals and international visitors like Mango Sticky Rice.


Pineapples, with their rich sweet flavor and vibrant golden color, have long been loved by people around the world. Not just a tasty treat, they are also a powerhouse of health benefits. Pineapples are brimming with essential nutrients including vitamin C, vitamins A and B, and a treasure trove of minerals that support holistic well-being.  

Discover the versatile and tropical delight of pineapple as it sweetens an array of culinary creations. From the juicy burst in every bite of canned pineapple to the exotic flavors crafted in dishes like Pineapple Fried Rice or the refreshing zing in a Pineapple Smoothie, this fruit is transforming the food industry. Don't forget about the chewy, sugar-kissed tang of dried pineapple, a perfect snack for on-the-go energy.

fruit from Thailand

About Sapsira Intertrade Co., Ltd

Sapsira Intertrade Co., Ltd, they are dedicated to sourcing and exporting top-notch aromatic coconut and fresh fruits from Thailand. The mission is to showcase the rich agricultural heritage of Thailand. Through meticulous selection, they deliver the freshest and finest fruits, ensuring they reach your table with excellence. Experience the true taste of aromatic coconut and fresh fruits through our premium fruit exports.

Please visit Sapsira Intertrade e-Store at


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