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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Aekong, the Mastermind Behind Brands Chujai and Pada

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Mr. Aekong Theptaranon, also known as Aek, the president of Eve Global Trade who specializes in producing and distributing ready-to-eat Thai frozen desserts. They have 50% less sweetness while still maintaining the authentic Thai dessert flavors. The concept behind these sweetless Thai desserts is to allow people of all genders and ages to indulge in delicious treats without compromising their health goals.

"The deliciousness that you don't have to cook by yourself"

From humble beginnings to becoming a manufacturer and exporter of Thai desserts! Eve Global Trade, the factory received GMP standards No. 10-1-21460-5-0018, HACCP. Every sweet menu has received a FDA number, especially Sala Loi Kaew received the OTOP 4-star product award.

What is the inspiration to become a manufacturer and distributor of Thai desserts?

Mr.Aek: Starting from my auntie. She has aged gracefully, and now it's my turn to continue the tradition.

What was your occupation before becoming the owner of Thai desserts?

Mr.Aek: Just an employee, seizing an opportunity from Auntie. I took a bold leap and left my regular job to start my own Thai Chujai dessert business.

In the past four years, How has your business changed?

Mr.Aek: There is a growing response and acceptance among leading restaurants such as Chiang Fish Ball, Chokdee Dim Sum, Saab Nua Salaya, Maria Garden, Chocolate View, Dream World, etc.

There are a lot of desserts, but why do these restaurants specifically choose your desserts as their signature offerings?

Mr.Aek: Tasty first, The authentic and authentic ancient Thai recipe when warm up our dessert taste freshly like cook from kitchen.

What is the hardest thing about running this business?

Mr.Aek: People who like to eat fresh food will be resistant between freshly cooked desserts and ready-to-eat frozen desserts. We have clarified with the customer group with a certificate from a reliable lab. It is a scientific result that the nutritional value is completely valued.

The first day, when you offer for sale to the customer and they reject you. Are you discouraged that day?

Mr.Aek: Of course yes, but do not give up. Inform the truth to your customers and consumers that the frozen desserts do not cause any harm to the body at all.

What is the difference between Chujai and Pada Sweet?

Mr.Aek: The Chujai brand is focused on wholesale for restaurants.

This year is the 4th year, we have created a new recipe that is sweetless for a healthy market as a new brand “Pada Sweet” a retail brand.

What menu do you have?

Mr.Aek: Chujai has about 20 menus such as Salak in syrup, Santol in syrup, Strawberry Kiwi in syrup. The hot menu includes Taro Balls in Coconut Cream, Banana Balls in Coconut Cream, Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Tea. Menus that can be eaten both hot and cold are Crispy Red Ruby in Coconut Milk and Assorted Thai Desserts in Longan Syrup.

For retail, we have selected 3 menus. The first item on the menu is Japanese purple sweet potato in coconut milk with high nutritional value and contains antioxidants. The second item on the menu is Crispy Ruby in coconut milk, crispy and soft texture with a sweetless.

A special invented menu is Mix Dumplings in Coconut Milk, The concept of auspiciousness in healthy desserts. Do not harm the body. Filled with various nuts, less sweet, all genders, all ages, and people who love health can eat.

Chujai brand is wholesalers to restaurants, and how about Pada Sweet brand?

Mr.Aek: We sell via online channels through our website, Line shopping, and Facebook pages.

What strategies have grown both brands?

Mr.Aek: 4P Marketing Principles. The first P is outstanding products, high quality, and deliciousness then the next P will follow. Another important factor is globalization. It makes people health-conscious. A lot of consumers need sweetless Thai desserts, So we have invented these menus.

Apart from retail, Do you export as well?

Mr.Aek: Yes, I have started exporting to neighboring countries first, such as Cambodia, Malaysia and now penetrating the American market.

How about your marketing to the dessert business?

Mr.Aek: We rely on customers to spread the word and social media. Our company is not large. There is no marketing budget for advertising on PTV.

You have both a consulting business and also a Thai dessert manufacturer. How do you divide your time?

Mr.Aek: We have to be diligent and dedicate 18 hours to both businesses. We have 24 hours in a day, which is equal to 24 hours like the average person.

What are the most important lessons from the past four years in running your business?

Mr.Aek: The most important lesson, like everyone who has encountered it, COVID situation. But we turned the crisis into an opportunity by selling online through Grab Food, Food Panda and Robin Hood.

If you could go back to any period to tell yourself to be more successful, What time period would you like to go back to?

Mr.Aek: It is probably the beginning. When we just graduated. We thought we were not qualified enough to work regularly. We went on a trial basis for 3-6 months and then went out to do business. Maybe it will start from a small kiosk at the fresh market. It is better than wasting 10-20 years of time knowing that we are not suitable for being a company employee.

What would you like to say to people who want to start a business like you?

Mr.Aek: You should know that, Who are the competitors? Can we compete with our competitors? So how is our product different from competitors?

If you can answer these three or four questions. So, how do we get started? Facebook page for online sales, TikTok and focus on creating an identity at the online media.

What do you think about your Chujai brand and the Pada brand in the next five to ten years?

Mr.Aek: Chujai brand is a food service. We penetrate the Bangkok market, it is just about five or sixty percent for Bangkok market. The market can still go forward. We are also looking at the provincial market in tourist cities such as Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son. Business opportunities should grow by a hundred percent.

And Pada Sweet, We produce it for the new generation who likes sweetless that have clear differences among consumers.

Do you have anything to say to those who would like Thai desserts to their restaurants or try?

Mr.Aek: For restaurant, hotel, and resort operators, Why waste time cooking it yourself? you cook a pot of bua loy 1 pot can be separated into 20 cups, but the guests eat only 8 cups and discard the other 12 cups. Why waste time cooking it yourself? expensive ingredients, expensive coconut, expensive oil, expensive sugar.

Would it be better? If you choose the Thai dessert Chujai as an additional menu in your restaurant or business. Our desserts have standard taste, consistent quality, and have more than 50 referral shops, leading shops and restaurants. You can try tasting, and find our desserts to add to the shop. You will get immediate profit without having to do it yourself.

We would like to suggest everyone try our desserts. Broaden your minds for Thai desserts, To preserve and carry on Thai desserts survive in business and grow sustainably. We would like to invite entrepreneurs and consumers to try.

About Eve Global Trade

Eve Global Trade Co., Ltd, we are a manufacturer and distributor of Thai frozen desserts (Ready to Eat Frozen Thai Dessert) and Thai crispy desserts (Snack) wholesale to restaurants nationwide under the brand "KanomThai Chujai" made from raw materials. good raw material selected from reliable sources through a clean, safe, hygienic production process and without preservatives.

Currently launching a new brand "Pada Thai sweets, Pada Sweet" for online retail. Especially the Bua Loi Rattana 5 menu. ready to export worldwide. The factory received GMP standards No. 10-1-21460-5-0018, HACCP. Every sweet menu has received a FDA number, especially Sala Loi Kaew received the OTOP 4-star product award.

The product has beautiful, modern packaging. Easy and convenient to warm and eat. Maintain the delicious taste of 100% authentic Thai desserts.

Please visit Eve Global Trade e-store at


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