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Cross-border B2B Food & Agriculture Marketplace


ON-DEMAND SERVICE :  offers flexible subscription options to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. You can choose the option that best fits your budget and goals

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Food Farm Hub stands out as the leading Business to Business (B2B) online platform, dedicated to facilitating the purchase and sale of food and agricultural products between businesses. Our platform serves as a vital link, efficiently connecting quality suppliers with potential buyers in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Our core mission is to enhance the value suppliers bring to the market. We simplify the procurement process for buyers, enabling them to effortlessly discover the products they need. At the same time, we offer suppliers a dynamic space to showcase their finest offerings.

At Food Farm Hub, we provide a comprehensive online marketplace that enables farmers, food manufacturers, and suppliers to present their products and services to a global audience of buyers. Additionally, we support suppliers in tapping into new markets and uncovering business opportunities through the use of cutting-edge technology, digital marketing, channel development, sales, and promotional campaigns, both online and offline.

If you're seeking the flexibility to take the reins and opt for a pay-as-you-go model, our Ads/On-demand Service is precisely what you've been searching for. This option allows you to launch an e-Store and only pay for the services you utilize.

Tailored Service:

Customize your approach with our flexible service options. Select from an array of offerings such as onboarding support, content creation, advertising, and more to craft a strategy that aligns with your unique business objectives. Understanding that every business has distinct needs and aspirations, our Ads/On-demand Service provides a suite of customizable options, enabling you to develop a bespoke strategy that resonates with your specific goals and reaches your target audience effectively.

Pay-as-you-go Flexibility:

Our Ads/On-demand Service is designed for you to only pay for what you use, granting you greater control over your budget. This model allows you to invest in specific services that meet your immediate needs without the commitment to a long-term contract or the burden of hefty monthly fees. It's an ideal way to judiciously manage your finances while targeting your resources towards areas of greatest impact.

Whether you're a burgeoning small business or an established enterprise aiming to amplify your marketing initiatives, Food Farm Hub's Ads/On-demand Service offers the adaptability and tailorability to propel your business to success in the competitive marketplace. Register today and embark on the journey to expand your reach, enhance your brand visibility, and connect with your intended audience. Don't delay—become a part of the Food Farm Hub family now!

Key Features : Supplier Wholesale Store

Individual Suppliers Storefront 

Individual storefront allows the suppliers to personalize the shop page as per their brand. The layout of the shops can be tailored to meet the branding needs of businesses. Empowers suppliers to add detailed information about the products on display by including product descriptions, photos, and videos; updating stock information and delivery timelines. 


Quote Management 

Generate invoices for accepted offers, view re-quoted offers, and manage quotes for all RFQ requests. The suppliers can accept, reject, or place a counter offer for all requests under Offers Management. Each quote has a set validity in days. 

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Suppliers can specify the minimum purchase quantity for individual products while adding/managing inventory. This ensures that buyers cannot request or place the order below MOQ. 


Request For Quotes (RFQ) or Buying Request 

Suppliers have the option to enable buyers to or get multiple quotes or only via Request For Quote. The setting will give Suppliers the flexibility to stay open for negotiations or list competitive prices for products or services. 


Special Offers and Promotions 

A customer is more likely to choose the product with an offer against other products. ‘Promotions 'module helps suppliers apply such special offers to your products includes Special Price, Volume Discount, Buy Together Products and Related Products 



Suppliers can set the language specific SEO details such as Meta title, Meta keyword, Meta description and other Meta tags for the product. 


Certificates and Inspection Report 

Suppliers can upload documents like quality certificates, tradeshow certificates, inspection reports, and others. The buyers will be able to gauge the quality of products or use the documents in further sale/use of the products. 


Import/Export Data 

Suppliers have the option to add or streamline products, inventory, customer data in quick time with the import/export feature. The system supports popular file formats such as .csv. 


Assigning Roles to Sub-users 

The suppliers can delegate authority to streamline operations of the online shop by creating sub-users and assigning them with roles for either all modules or individual modules from within the seller dashboard. 


New business opportunities

Our services provide businesses an opportunity to capitalize on their full potential and driverevenue through international online channels. Our buying networks stretch across both local and foreign markets, giving you access to a vast customer base with ample earning possibilities!


Enhance your B2B channels & online marketing

Discover new opportunities to expand your business with our specialized marketing and development program.Our cutting-edge system gives you the best possibility of driving success and accelerating growth.


E-Commerce & E-business technology

Our technology helps businesses to streamline their operations and reach customers anywhere in the world. From digital displays that promote your product, to online ordering and payment processing,we have all of your needs covered! 


Join us today and help us build a better food and agriculture system! 


Food Farm Hub is an innovative business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers of food and agricultural products all around the world. Our platform is designed to provide buyers with a comprehensive one-stop shop for sourcing verified suppliers of food and agricultural products, while also offering suppliers ample opportunities to increase their business prospects through wider recognition on an international level. 

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