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AMA Logistics, Professional Cold Chain Logistics Service

AMA Logistics our partner has launched at Food Farm Hub platforms.

AMA Marine Public Company Limited (“the Company”) was founded on May 10, 1996

the Company provided the fuel oil transportation for the large fuel trader within the country. The Company then focused only on the maritime transport service of palm oil and other vegetable oils aboard. Presently the Company is one of the leading maritime transport service providers for the palm oil and other vegetable oils in Southeast Asia i.e. Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines as well as in Asia i.e. South Korea, China, Bangladesh, and India.

On July 10, 2014 the Company established its subsidiary AMA Logistics. The objective is to operate tanker truck transportation in Thailand. This was due to the Company’s direction of expanding its business line to logistics service to serve more new routes and new customers, in order to mitigate the risk of focusing on solely maritime transportation service business.

AMA Logistics Services:

  • Logistics for Dry food

  • Motorbike Cold Chain Delivery

  • Chilled Goods Cold Chain Logistics (0 oC to 15 oC)

  • Frozen Goods Cold Chain Logistics (-15 oC to -30 oC.)

  • Storage of Frozen, Chilled and Dry food

  • Local and International Logistics Solution

Please visit AMA Logistics e-Store at


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