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Cross-border B2B Food & Agriculture Marketplace


One-Page Business Listing at Food Farm Hub network e-Store

Promotion for Now - 25 June 2024

Pay a one-time setup fee of $50, with the monthly fee of $5 waived until the end of 2024

Food Farm Hub stands out as the leading Business to Business (B2B) online platform, dedicated to facilitating the purchase and sale of food and agricultural products between businesses. Our platform serves as a vital link, efficiently connecting quality suppliers with potential buyers in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Our core mission is to enhance the value suppliers bring to the market. We simplify the procurement process for buyers, enabling them to effortlessly discover the products they need. At the same time, we offer suppliers a dynamic space to showcase their finest offerings.

Join the Network Supplier Program

Our Network Supplier Program provides an efficient, one-page business listing solution, enabling individual entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish an online presence on our website and connect with potential customers.

  • Increased visibility: By being featured on our Food Farm Hub Network e-store, your business and products will gain more exposure to potential buyers. This can lead to increased sales opportunities and brand recognition. 

  • Customization options: We understand that every business is unique. That's why we offer customizable solutions to our Network Suppliers. You can choose the services you want to opt for, such as product photography or marketing support, to best suit your business needs. 



  • An affordable one-page setup to showcase your business. 

  • ​You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Optional on-demand services, such as article writing or product advertising. 



  • Open to individual or business corporations from any country to apply for Network Supplier program. 

  • Verifying the identity of your business and contact is not mandatory. However, should we discover that the business account is not legitimately yours (for instance, if it's registered using another person's or business's identity), we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your e-Store. In such cases, refunds are not permissible. 


Promotion for Now - 25 June 2024

Pay a one-time setup fee of $50, with the monthly fee of $5 waived until the end of 2024.

Price (USD)

One time set-up : 50 USD

Monthly fee : 5 USD/month

(waived until the end of 2024)


New business opportunities

Our services provide businesses an opportunity to capitalize on their full potential and driverevenue through international online channels. Our buying networks stretch across both local and foreign markets, giving you access to a vast customer base with ample earning possibilities!


Enhance your B2B channels & online marketing

Discover new opportunities to expand your business with our specialized marketing and development program.Our cutting-edge system gives you the best possibility of driving success and accelerating growth.


E-Commerce & E-business technology

Our technology helps businesses to streamline their operations and reach customers anywhere in the world. From digital displays that promote your product, to online ordering and payment processing,we have all of your needs covered! 


Join us today and help us build a better food and agriculture system! 


Food Farm Hub is an innovative business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers of food and agricultural products all around the world. Our platform is designed to provide buyers with a comprehensive one-stop shop for sourcing verified suppliers of food and agricultural products, while also offering suppliers ample opportunities to increase their business prospects through wider recognition on an international level. 

Food Farm Hub Company Limited
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