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Thai Desserts

Now - 31 December 2023

By EVE Global Trade l Easy and convenient to warm and eat.

Maintain the delicious taste of 100% authentic Thai desserts.

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Aek-Ong,the president of Eve Global Trade 

Mr. Aek-Ong Thepthalanont or Eak, the president of Eve Global Trade Company who produces and distributes ready-to-eat Thai frozen desserts, under the brand Chujai and Pada Sweet.


The behind two frozen Thai dessert brands "Chujai" and "Pada" who has created a 50% reduced sweetness Thai dessert recipe. Under the concept of sweetless Thai desserts can be enjoyed by all genders and ages without compromising one's health goals. from humble beginnings to becoming a manufacturer and exporter of Thai desserts!

About Eve Global Trade

Eve Global Trade Co.,Ltd, we are a manufacturer and distributor of Thai frozen desserts and snack wholesale to restaurants nationwide under the brand "KanomThai Chujai" made from raw materials. good raw material selected from reliable sources through a clean, safe, hygienic production process and without preservatives. Currently launching a new brand "Pada Sweet" for online retail. Ready to export worldwide.


The factory received GMP standards No. 10-1-21460-5-0018, HACCP. Every sweet menu has received a FDA number, especially Sala Loi Kaew received the OTOP 4-star product award. 

Easy and convenient to warm and eat. Maintain the delicious taste of 100% authentic Thai desserts.

Join us today and help us build a better food and agriculture system! 


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